The Day of the Spearmint Triffids

Today is another lovely summers rainy day in Dublin. Not only is it wet, it’s cold. Far colder than it usually is this time of year.

I know I’ve been harping on about the weather in my past few blog posts and loathe to think I’m becoming one of those individuals who talks of nothing but the weather, but I never thought I’d be dealing with frost damage to plants in the second week of May. The rain, I can handle, the wind I’ll happily do battle with, but frost damage in May is not something I had bargained for. My spuds have been the one crop doing well on my plot so far, the cold temperatures have stunted many of my other plants, but my spuds were lovely, tall and bushy, a big splash of green on the otherwise brown plot, so imagine my horror when I visited my plot yesterday and noticed five or six of my lovely plants covered in frost damage! However, I’ve been told not to despair, once it’s only the leaves that are damaged and not the tubers, they should return to their former glory in a week or two. Here’s hoping.

Frost Damage on my potatoes

However, it’s not all doom and gloom on plot P26. Despite the bad weather, there are signs of life, you know, under the masses of weeds (the weeds seem to be the one thing thriving on the plot of course). My salsify, beetroot, chard, brocolli and perpetual spinach are all growing, albeit it very slowly. I still have only one asparagus so far but it’s a healthy green and purple spear, I’m hoping the rest show themselves soon, even though I can not eat them this year, it would be nice to know they’re there. My onions continue to grow well and my peas are beginning to grow tendrils. My raspberry canes have buds on them and I spotted some new growth at the base so they’re obviously not too badly affected by the weather.

Pea plant getting ready to climb

I spent a good two hours the other day weeding the raised beds, my poor strawberries were looking overrun with young weeds, as were my beetroot and spinach. I enjoy weeding, I complain about weeds of course, but I enjoy pulling them up from the soil, it’s therapeutic, even in the bad weather.

When the weather is bad, and I can’t make it to the plot, I keep myself content by watering and taking care of my plants at home that still need a bit of TLC. My pumpkins and courgettes will have to be planted out soon, they’re outgrowing every pot I put them in.

A few weeks ago, on the advice of a fellow plot holder, I transferred my spearmint from the ground into a pot, on the understanding that it would completely take over in a few weeks. I almost scoffed, I didn’t quite believe it would grow so quickly, I potted it anyway and have been watching it with interest. It’s huge! It’s growing at an alarming rate and has tripled in size in three weeks. I’m very grateful now that I moved it out of the ground. I’ve been having nightmares that my mint is reminiscent of the plants in The Day of the Triffids and any day now it will leave it’s pot, begin walking on it’s roots and try to take over the world!

This weather better clear up fast, being cooped up is clearly driving me insane.

Monster Mint

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  1. My potatoes (and others on the allotment) have frost damage too. I was freaking out when I first saw it, thinking it might be blight or some other horrible disease, but it’s only frost damage… PHEW!

  2. I’ve been checking on things and, though slow, they are pushing through. Even if I do need to use a magnifying glass to check on the seedlings! Everything’s been slow to start this year, but the weather will improve soon enough.

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