Chocolate Beetroot Brownies

I have a glut of beetroot at the moment from a bumper harvest at the weekend so I’m trying to find lots of different uses for it. Most people have only ever had the pickled type, in a jar, and while this is a lovely way to eat it, there’s a huge variety of ways you can cook it. I’ll be sharing a few ideas over the coming days for great ways to cook with this lovely, versatile crop.

Today, I give you, chocolate beetroot brownies, a yummy recipe for moist chocolate brownies and an unusual way to use up some fresh beetroot from the garden.


You will need
250 grams of dark chocolate, at least 70% cocoa, I used 75%
250 grams of butter
150 grams of self raising flour
250 grams of caster sugar
3 large eggs
A pinch of salt
40 grams of chopped mixed nuts
250 grams of cooked beetroot

To cook your beetroot, simply boil in a pot for about 45 minutes, let it cool, then peel and trim off the excess stalks and root (you could do this before but they’ll bleed everywhere and you’ll be covered in bright purple dye for days).

Lovely purple beetroot

Pre heat your oven to 180 degrees celcius/gas mark 4.
Melt the butter and sugar together in a bowl over a pot of hot water.
Mix together the sugar and eggs in a mixing bowl until smooth, then slowly pour in the chocolate and butter mixture while whisking.

The most challenging part of the recipe, trying not to eat all the chocolate

Add a pinch of salt.
Sieve the flour in and mix well.
Add the chopped nuts.
Then comes the fun part, grate your freshly cooked and cooled beetroot and fold into the mixture.

If your hands dont look like this, you’re doing it wrong!

Mix well, then pour into a greased square 20cm tin and place in the oven for 30 minutes. Make sure not to overcook them as it will ruin the beetroot.
Let them cool before slicing into squares. And there you have it, delicious, moist, chocolate beetroot brownies! Yum!



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    Since my mother told me (ha ha!) that beetroot is healthy and delicious, I love to make them as a salad with mustard and onions.
    The last time in the supermarket, I saw that they also have crunchy beetroot chips with low fat. I bought them and tasted them. I can’t they that I like the taste at the first time because it’s really a little bit sour but I like the idea behind.
    That’s why I also wanna taste the recipe of Fiona Grows Food.

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