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Yesterday was a pretty important day, not only was it my birthday but it was also the first anniversary of the day I received my allotment. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already! I’ve come a long way from that first day I set foot on the plot. I’ve learned so much in the first year. I’m less concerned with having an unrealisticly beautiful plot and far more interested in the quality of my soil, the crop rotation and growing healthy organic vegetables; which is a good thing because my plot is a mess!

This time last year however it was far more of a mess, I was just beginning to dig, there were no raised beds, no fencing, no shed, no pathways, just weeds. It’s amazing just how much the plot has changed and continues to change, it is in itself organic, always evolving and it continues to surprise me.

nat00_weatherThe weather was quite nice this time last year, it was dull but mild, I was able to go out every day and do some work. This year it’s entirely different. Today we have blizzards! The wind is freezing and gale force and it’s bringing snow with it. I do love snow though, it might be cold and brings everything to a standstill but it’s beautiful. According to Met Eireann it’s set to continue for the next few days so there’ll be no gardening for me.

I had a really lovely birthday, I went out for some drinks on Saturday and had a lovely quiet day on Sunday. I was very spoiled and I even received some gardening gifts. If you look up in the address bar of the browser, I now have my own domain name, so my blog address is now

I also received a lovely old Encyclopedia of Gardening from a friend, it’s a lovely book with beautiful illustrations. My parents bought me a potting shed kit complete with dibbers, line marker and a paper potter for making my own pots (blog post on this to follow in the coming days). Needless to say I’m very spoiled (and that’s not mentioning all the dvd’s, make up, chocolates, video games and clothes).


Next weekend is Paddy’s Day so I’ll have three days off, think I know where I’ll be spending them, I just hope it stops snowing.

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