I was working on the plot the other day when I spotted this on a wooden pallet. I’m fairly convinced it’s a butterfly chrysalis but not exactly an expert; If anyone can identify it, let me know.

Isn’t it pretty?

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  1. It looks like a Swallowtail butterfly chrysalis. You must be growing dill or parsley, which they eat.
    Cabbage and celery loopers have a different method of forming a chrysalis. They curl up on a leaf and cover themselves over in a cottony web. You can see a photo here in my Winter Garden episode at minute 2:52: Fiona, BTW, if you click on my ID here, it will take you to my old blog. I would love for you to sign up on my new website at: Have your camera handy when the butterfly emerges. If I’m right, you will see dark black stripes and yellow through the shell which will become transparent when they are ready to eclose. – Kaye

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