Bloom Festival 2014


Break out the pyramid of Ferrero Rocher, I am to be an ambassador. How very Fancy! Well, when I say ambassador, it’s really just a fancy name for a steward. Yep, I’ll be spending my weekend volunteering at Bloom festival, Ireland’s largest annual family event. The festival is held every June bank Holiday weekend in the Phoenix Park.

I am very excited to volunteer at the event, I’ve never had the opportunity to visit the festival in previous years so getting to work there is extra exciting. Obviously as a gardener, I’m very interested to see the show gardens and the garden exhibitions, but I am also looking forward to getting out and meeting new people with similar interests.

The Bloom festival has been running for seven years now and is increasing in popularity every year. Bloom is a family friendly event run by Bórd Bia. The festival features a number of show gardens, exhibitions and food. I’m particularly interested in seeing the show gardens. I am becoming increasingly fascinated with landscape design and horticulture and a very intrigued to see what is on show at Bloom, maybe I’ll even get a few ideas for my own little garden, which is by no means well designed and could do with a few new features.There will be 30 show gardens at Bloom this year so I’m sure there’ll be something new and interesting at each one.

So, keep an eye out on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where I’ll be posting regular updates and probably many blurry-photos-fixed-by-fancy-filters. Oh, and if you are going to Bloom and fancy a chin wag/cup of tea, drop me a line.

Bloom festival runs from Thursday 29th May until Monday 2nd June in the Phoenix Park. Oh and if you’re looking for a family day out, kids get in to bloom for free! Lovely Jubbly.

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  1. It sounds like a really fun festival. It sounds like you lucked out on volunteering on the Bloom festival. I don’t have twitter,facebook or Instagram. I hope you will post pictures on your Blog as well. I’d like to follow The Bloom Festival’s Ambassador’s tour of Phoenix Park. I hope the weather is great and you have a wonderful time.

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