Fiona Grows Food on The Sod Show

This week was another exciting one here at Fiona Grows Food. On Friday, I was featured on a radio show, Ireland’s only gardening podcast to be exact, which airs on Dublin City Fm every Friday afternoon.

The Sod Show is a great little podcast which is well worth tuning into every week.

I recorded the interview last year, when I had just gotten my polytunnel and when I was still in my twenties, sob!

We mostly chatted about the allotment, manicures, muck and what it’s like to be a young(ish) allotment holder in Ireland. You can listen to it on the website here or on iTunes or Stitcher.

Between my newspaper feature and now the radio waves, the small screen is the next obvious step. Currently accepting all offers for television appearances, fees relatively reasonable, world domination imminent.

There’s been huge progress on the plot in the past few weeks, many, many blog posts incoming about same so keep an eye out. Until then, happy digging.


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