My Plot

The War

It was the first of September. The battle lines were drawn. I donned my armour (gardening gloves) and drew my sword (a rake). I surveyed my territory with the keen eyes of a veteran war strategist. I assessed the formation of the enemy troops, I determined my objectives. One wrong move and the weeds would win …

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It has been a number of months since my last blog post. Summer has been and gone, the weather has changed and my life has changed along with it. It has been the hottest summer here in Ireland for over a decade. The days have been long hot and the nights humid and sleepless. I’ve …

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I was working on the plot the other day when I spotted this on a wooden pallet. I’m fairly convinced it’s a butterfly chrysalis but not exactly an expert; If anyone can identify it, let me know.

What The Fliuch?

The weather this week has been almost unbearable, at least it has been for gardeners. We’ve had cold, some freezing cold, sunshine cold, snow cold, wet cold, a little-bit-less-cold-than-yesterday cold, then back to snow cold. Today is the 29th of March and it is currently 3 degrees celcius outside. Three! This time last year we were experiencing a …

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