Fiona Gets Featured

I have been lucky enough to be interviewed for some articles and features, you can find some of these examples below.

If you’d like to contact me for a chat or to write a feature, do get in touch, I’m always happy to harp on about gardening. In fact if I keep annoying my friends with talk about the garden, they may very well just plant me in it.

GIY’s Grow Magazine

I am a regular contributor to GIY’s Grow magazine, where I mostly write articles about my allotment, tips for your garden and how not to make enemies of local barmen by brandishing gardening tools at them. Read below for a copy of my article in 2016’s summer edition. Glut Instinct: How To Make The Most … Continue reading GIY’s Grow Magazine

Fiona Grows Food on The Sodshow

The Sodshow made me! Seriously! The lovely Peter Donnegan interviewed me a couple of years back and since then my fame has skyrocketed, I can’t visit my local supermarket without being flocked by fans looking for autographs. Sometimes, I have to walk around with a blanket over my head just to avoid recognition! In all … Continue reading Fiona Grows Food on The Sodshow

Fiona at Bloom in the Park

In June 2016, I was lucky enough to be asked to speak at GIY’s Food Matters tent at Bloom in the Park festival in Dublin. The sun was blaring, I had beer (afterwards, I promise) and had an absolute ball talking to a fab bunch of enthusiastic growers about growing food in small spaces. You … Continue reading Fiona at Bloom in the Park