Fruit takes longer than veggies to establish and often, a gardener will wait years before harvesting any fruit from their plants. I only grow a few types of fruit on the plot but the most success I’ve had with any crop – fruit or veg – Is without a doubt my Rhubarb.

It’s quite large!

I genuinely believe that rhubarb is the staple plant of any allotment. It’s the first thing I ever planted on my plot and to this day is my favourite thing on the allotment. Mine gets up to chest height every summer and I harvest it a few times a week from April right through to September.


Raspberries are both an amazing plant to grow and the BANE OF MY LIFE.

My raspberry canes are taking over my entire allotment and no matter how many of them I dig up, they seem to just come back stronger every year. But even though they driver me demented, I just adore picking fresh raspberries when they’re in season so they’re worth all the hassle.



You’re seriously missing out if you don’t grow strawberries. They’re so easy to grow, they’re delicious and the plants literally clone themselves so you get more and more every year. Pure magic.


Red Currants

I planted two redcurrant bushes last year and they are beginning to really flourish this summer, I should get a decent crop out of them so I’m super excited.


I have both gooseberry and blueberry bushes on the plot but they were both very badly damaged last year so I’m currently watching and waiting to see if they come back to their former glory. Fingers crossed.

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