Fruit takes longer than veggies to establish and often, a gardener will wait years before harvesting any fruit from their plants. I only grow a few types of fruit on the plot but the most success I’ve had with any crop ,fruit or veg, every year is without a doubt my Rhubarb.

This year, I’m hoping to establish some new apple trees on the plot too.



The crowing glory of my plot, my rhubarb is the cause of much envy from fellow plotholders on site.


It’s quite large!


Fresh raspberries for breakfast in my garden is a standard affair.


One of the easiest things to grow, particularly in small spaces, strawberries are a firm favourite of mine every summer.


Eh, yum!


Raspberries: These raspberries are the bane of my existence, they’re taking over the plot at an exponential rate, I’d get rid of them entirely if I didn’t have a serious raspberry addiction

A new addition to the plot, my gooseberry bush is in its first full year and already laden with fruit