Due to the seasonality of growing vegetables, the veggies on my plot vary from month to month but these are the veggies currently growing on my plot in May/June 2018.


An allotment just isn’t an allotment without growing spuds, and last year I grew none and regretted it all year. I only have a few planted this year but there is no joy like the joy or growing and harvesting your own spuds. I have two varieties, King Edward and Maris Piper.

If I get blight, I will throw an epic tantrum though.


Parsnips are a b*stard to germinate, but mine have managed to germinate very quickly this year! Yay. Probably my all time favourite home grown food, they take forever though and won’t be ready to harvest until winter. SAKE.


I have both overwintering onions and spring planted onions on the plot this summer. In fact, I I’m pretty sure I’ll have enough onions to feed an army. Of people who love onions. Onions


I have three varieties of garlic, which I planted in October. They are so, so easy to grow and one of my all time favourite allotment veggies.


I pretty much over do it with the beetroot every damn year but I just love growing it! It’s super easy to germinate, grows quickly and not only is is beautiful to look at but you can eat the leaves and the roots. Plus, anything I can eat with goats cheese is a win.


I always have salad leaves growing on the plot and I succession sow them so I have a constant supply all year round. Because I am smart. Salad smart.


They”re just starting to come up. Expect ten million peas (may be an exaggeration)

I think I have a problem. I am obsessed with growing peas. They’re just such an easy plant to grow, they’re pretty, and, well, you get free peas. So, I went ahead and planted a (not so) reasonable 120 pea plants this year. Whoops. Expect photos of me drowning in peas in a few weeks.

Khol Rabi

I’m not going to lie, one of the reasons I grow Khol Rabi is because i’m a sci-fi freak and it looks like an alien life form…


Another bastard to germinate, celeriac is a diva to get going but once it does, it’s a hardy crop and they taste like nothing else in the world. Except maybe for celery. Maybe that’s where the name comes from. Shall require investigation…?


Another crop that just belongs on an allotment. I grow cabbage every year. Even though it breaks my heart because it is scientifically proven that cabbages attract so many slugs that you will occasionally find slugs in your bra. OK it happened one time but that was enough to traumatise me for life.


This is one I’m very excited about, but it’s an experiment at the moment and my first year growing it. But! You can read all about my adventures in growing booze very, very soon…

Next week I’m planting carrots, courgettes and pumpkins too. Think I’ll be well fed this year.


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