Plants Bants, Valentine’s Day Edition: Borage

Valentine’s day is unavoidable. It really is. It’s everywhere. Cards. Chocolates. Cuddly Toys. Sexy undies. Sexy undies everywhere. Flowers. So many bunches of flowers. So many roses. So many sad, supermarket carnations. I have a bit of a pathetic secret, I’ve never been bought flowers by a man. Never. Not once. Which is a hell …

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Happily Ever After

Once upon a time there was a small, barren patch of land in a field in North County Dublin.  This square of muck was unloved and unworked, yearning for a gardener to come along and tend to it. One day, a young woman stood at its borders, surveying it’s potential and the patch of land …

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Post Bloom Blues? Here’s some upcoming events to keep them at bay.

Bloom festival has been and gone, the gardens dismantled, the stalls removed, the park cleaned up and the buzz dying down. We’ll just have to wait until next year for it’s return. For those of us who are feeling a bit deflated, sad, show-garden deprived, here are a few upcoming Irish Garden events in June …

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How To Grow Lavender

Botanical name: Lavandula Flowering time: SummerHeight & spread: 30cm-1m height, 30cm-1.5m spread Lavender is probably my favourite plant in my garden. It’s beautiful, easy to grow and smells amazing. Lavender is best when planted late spring/early summer, ideally in May. Like many other herbs, it does well in most soils once it gets full sun and moderately good drainage. …

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